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Cure Water Systems
Whole house & building bottles water filtration


Whole Building Bottleless Water Filtration Systems

  • Eliminate virtually 100% of brown or rusty water from your bath, shower or faucets
  • Protect your building's heating system and boiler.
  • Optimize the efficiency of your water heater and reduce energy costs
  • Improve drinking water quality for all tenants by reducing rust and sediment down to 10 microns nominal, which is 5 times smaller that the human eye can see

Heavy-Duty Commercial 
Back washing Filters
We carry CUNO filters because of their quality and their record of dependability. Their commercial backwash filters utilize a five-stage filtration process producing premium quality water. This design provides higher capacity and flow rates versus traditional sand filters. the filters are available in multiple configurations. The photo below shows a typical configuration for a building of 100 apartments. Tank sizes for larger
buildings will vary.

Space Requirements: 7'W x 3'D x 7'H

Solid brass, motorized piston valve. 2-inch inlet/cutlet built-in drain line flow controller.  Can be programmed during periods of low demand.  Top-mounted to save space.  Equipped with dependable 12-day timer.

Heavy-duty fiberglass media tank will never rust or corrode. Built to operate at 125 psi.

Multi-layered clarifying medium provides filtration of rust, sediment and other suspended solids.

Screens are designed to provide even flow with less pressure drop.

CUNO is the world leader and manufacturer of water
filtration products. Their experience and reputation
span more than eighty years. They are a publicly
traded company based in Meridian, CT.

For more info contact Cure Water Systems.



  • Unfiltered water enters the
    filter through the solid brass control valve

  • Water passes downward
    through the multi-layered
    filter media, removing all dirt, rust and sediment down to 10 microns in size

  • Treated water exits the filter upward through the center distributor tube


  • The automatic backwash
    mode flushes out contaminants to a
    nearby drain

  • Water flow is reversed
    through the system to
    wash the media clean

  • Back washing is done
    automatically and takes only 10 minutes about twice a week


  • The automatic rinse mode
    immediately follows the
    backwash mode

  • This insures proper settling
    of the media before the
    filter goes back into
    the service mode





Under-Sink Filtration Units for Individual Apartments
Undersink filtration system
Our CWSA-Double Filter with patented sanitary
quick-change cartridge for easy service
without the need for a service technician.
  • Separate Faucet for Filtered Water>
  • 1,500-Gallon Capacity (5,678 Liters)
  • 0.5-Micron Clarity
  • Removes Cysts 99.99%
  • Removes Lead 97.8%
  • Reduces Chlorine 97.5%
  • Removes Dirt, Rust & Sediment 99.98%
  • Exclusive Quick-Change Filter Cartridge
Crystal-Clear, Great-Tasting Water
Is Only A Phone Call Away

FaucetCure Water Systems, Inc. has more than twelve years of experience
in water filtration solutions. In addition to the CUNO line of commercial filters we also carry under-sink filtration units and hot & cold filtration coolers. Contact us for an evaluation of the best solution for your particular requirements.



Every thing tastes better with filtered water

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