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Cure Water Systems
Water Filtration will Enhance your Water Quality


What is a Bottleless cooler or Water filtration Cooler?

A water filtration cooler is a system that resembles a bottled water cooler, but instead of having a bottle sitting on the top, we install a filtration system right inside or on the back of our coolers.  It’s like bringing a water purification plant right into your home or office.

In addition to providing great-tasting water, by using our filtration coolers or under-sink systems you will eliminate many of the hassles associated with bottled water:

  • No More Lifting or Storing Heavy Water Bottles
  • No More Hassles with Deposits or Fluctuating Bills
  • No More Running Out of Water Bottles and Waiting Days for Deliveries

Instead, our advanced technology will provide you with superior-quality drinking water, filtered freshly the day you drink it.











Every thing tastes better with filtered water

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