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Governments Ban bottles

There is a growing trend in our country. City leaders from Ann Arbor, Michigan, to San Francisco are passing legislation banning purchases of bottled water by government agencies. The negative impact and growing costs of bottled water are driving this trend.

The American public is starting to get the message as well, that bottled water is expensive, has a negative impact on our environment and is often lower in quality than tap water. Sometimes costing more than gasoline, bottled water is often nothing more than filtered tap water from municipal sources. Additionally, water diverted from local aquifers for the bottled-water industry can strain surrounding ecosystems, while the discarded plastic bottles are filling up landfills and leaching into the soil. The Earth Policy Institute estimates that the oil it takes to produce plastic bottles could fuel 100,000 cars. All of this waste and pollution is generated by a product that is often inferior in quality to local water sources.

More people are discovering that water filtration systems offer superior-quality water, at a fraction of the cost of bottled water. Filtered water is delivered to your home without boats, trucks or trains, saving gasoline and generating less air pollution.

Many people worry that tap water may contain a wide range of contaminants, such as lead, chlorine, cysts and sediments, many of which can pose health risks. Cure Water Systems offers several solutions for effectively and efficiently removing contaminants from your tap water, providing quality drinking water without adding to the environmental damage caused by the bottled-water industry.

Now more than ever, people want to live without damaging our planet. Water filtration systems offer you a way to pollute less while saving money. Contact the professionals at Cure Water Systems to find the best solution for you.






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