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Bottleless Water Systems Work!


More about water purifiers and filtration Systems

Eliminate the need, the cost and the hassle of bottled water! 1,500 one gallon water bottles will end up in your recycle bin for every one CWSA-Double Filter replacement.

That’s 300 five-gallon delivered bottles in and out of your office or home! And there is no deposit required!

What does the CWSA-Double Filtration System do?

  • Provides fresher tasting water, coffee and beverages
  • Advanced filtration and contaminant adsorption system reduces sediment, chlorine taste and odor, lead and parasitic protozoan cysts that may be present in the water supply
  • Self Encapsulated Filter Cartridge
  • Compact, integral design eliminates costly plumbing components and fittings for an economical installation and long-term, hassle-free maintenance

This is especially important in New York City and the boroughs where heavy sediment is present year-round.  In essence, with this filtration system you have created a "mini water purification plant" which attaches to both coolers and faucets that convert New York City's tap water into high-quality drinking water.






CWSA-Double Filter SYSTEM
Installed on the back
of either the countertop or self-standing models.


Every thing tastes better with filtered water

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